General Info


An e-Visa is now available online and is valid for 28 days travel. Tourist visas are available on arrival at all international gateways and cost US$50.


The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for their elders and a reverence for Buddhism. You will still find men and women wearing the traditional dress of a long skirt called a longyi, although modern fashion is starting to become popular.


The official currency of Myanmar is the Kyat (MMK). USD and Euro are the most easily traded currencies. USD should be in good condition from 2009 onwards. Notes with tears, marks, stains or the series CB may not be accepted. Currency exchange is available at the airport, banks and licensed money changers. ATMs are available in all major tourist areas and accept VISA, MasterCard, Cirrus, and Maestro credit/ debit cards. Outside of the major cities ATM access is limited and cards may not be accepted at hotels. It is recommended to carry some cash for any unexpected circumstances.


Travel insurance is highly recommended and helps safeguard you against any issues that may arise. While no immunizations are formally required it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or traveler vaccination center for more information. 


The standard voltage throughout Myanmar is 230V 50Hz. Electrical sockets vary from either two or three flat/round pins with plug types C, D, F and G. Due to severe fluctuations in power we recommend surge protectors for all electrical devices.
Local Time Myanmar Time is GMT + 6.5


SIM cards can now be purchased from Yangon International Airport. Roaming is possible, although check in advance with your Telco. Internet is available in most major areas in hotels or internet cafes.


Light, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen are best suited to the climate. A jacket or coat is recommended during the winter months, particularly at Inle Lake and in the mountain areas where it gets quite cold at night and early morning. Long sleeved shirts or pants will offer some protection from mosquitoes and insects and pack a hat to shade you from the sun.


Myanmar has three seasons.
• Hot – March to May
• Rainy – June to October
• Cool – November to February
The cooler winter months are peak season for travel, however in the rainy season the countryside is lush and green and great for photos.