Apsara Tours has embarked on a daring adventure, uncovering Cambodia’s hidden gems and sharing its captivating culture with intrepid travelers, paving the way for a unique journey into the heart of the kingdom.

Our History

Apsara Tours: Nurturing A Legacy Of Impactful Tourism 1991 – Present


Before 1991: Pioneering Cambodia’s Tourism Landscape

We are a premier tour company dedicated to creating extraordinary adventures in the most captivating destinations worldwide. Our expert team of travel enthusiasts curates unique itineraries, offering a perfect blend of thrilling activities, cultural immersion, and natural wonders. Embark on a journey with us and discover hidden gems, connect with local communities, and create lifelong memories.

Early Years: Homestays, Guides, and Formative Insights

The pre-1991 years saw Apsara Tours offering homestays and guide services, setting the stage for what would become its hallmark – a commitment to intimate, local experiences. This period allowed the company to develop profound connections with guests and the communities it engaged with.

2005: Apsara Foundation – Empowering Communities

In 2005, Apsara Foundation was founded with a vision to share the benefits of tourism with the surrounding communities of tourist spots. Through various impactful projects, the foundation aimed to contribute to the well-being and development of these communities. Apsara Tours took a significant step in supporting these initiatives by pledging to donate 1 dollar for every passenger they receive. This ongoing commitment forms an integral part of Apsara Tours’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), contributing to the sustainability and positive impact of the communities they engage with.

2018: Indochina Exploration Begins

In 2018, Apsara Tours expanded its horizons to include Indochina, introducing travelers to the diverse landscapes and cultures of Southeast Asia. Offices were established across the region, continuing to curate experiences that celebrated the richness of the area.

Looking Forward: Continuing the Journey of Impact

Apsara Tours remains committed to evolving its narrative, exploring new horizons, and creating a positive impact on the communities it touches. The journey that began with the founding principles of immersive travel and cultural appreciation continues, inviting travelers to be part of a story that goes beyond exploration to meaningful engagement and lasting contributions.

1991: Apsara Tours Takes Flight

In 1991, Apsara Tours officially began its journey as a legal entity, solidifying its dedication to providing authentic and immersive experiences to curious travelers. This marked the formal beginning of a venture already deeply rooted in a passion for introducing the world to the wonders of Cambodia.

1993: Apsara Transport Company – Enhancing Journeys

In 1993, recognizing the need for reliable transportation services in a burgeoning Cambodia, Apsara Tours established Apsara Transport Company. This complemented its tour services seamlessly, ensuring guests could navigate the country with ease and reliability.

2006: Apsara Holiday Hotel – A Sanctuary Unveiled

The year 2006 witnessed the inauguration of Apsara Holiday Hotel in Siem Reap, an extension of the commitment to hospitality and a sanctuary for guests to immerse themselves in the enchanting ambiance of Cambodia.

Today: A Second-Generation Legacy of Impact

Today, Apsara Tours stands as a family-run business, now guided by the second generation, with a legacy deeply intertwined with a commitment to authentic travel experiences and community development.


We are committed to provide exceptional travel experiences as a local tour operator in South East Asia that inspire exploration, foster cultural understanding, and create positive impacts for both our guests and the communities we visit.


To be the leading local tour operator in South East Asia, dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences that showcase the diverse beauty, culture, and adventure that this vibrant region has to offer.

Our Journey


Pioneering Cambodia’s Tourism Landscape


Apsara Transport Company


Apsara Holiday Hotel – A Sanctuary Unveiled


Indochina Exploration Begins

Our Director


Mr. Reth Chanvichearak (Nick)

Managing Director of Apsara Tours

As a Managing Director, Nick holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Commerce from Australia, providing a solid foundation in both technical and business aspects. With a lifelong passion for tourism nurtured from a young age within a family-run business, Nick is now the second-generation leader, committed to elevating the company to new heights. His strategic vision and innovative approach aim to build upon the family legacy and drive the business forward.


Our Team

Travel Partner we are committed to sustainable and ethical tourism practices

Sirichai Supawan

Sirichai Supawan

Country Director Thailand

Vutheara Tel

Vutheara Tel

General Manager

Keo Sopha

Keo Sopha

Business Development Manager

Duc Anh Nguyen

Duc Anh Nguyen

Director of Hanoi Office


We are recognized for exceptional travel services. We are recognized for exceptional travel services.



Outstanding ASEAN Woman
Entrepreneur Award 2023

Ministry award

Great Mekong Sub Region Expert
Tour Operator 2004

Cambodia Tourism Association

RESILIENCE Tourism Award 2022

GMS-BF Golden Award

Promoting Regional Economic
Growth and Operation 2004

Ministry of Tourism Award

Out Standing Tour Operator 2010

Our Partners

Travel Partner we are committed to sustainable and ethical tourism practices